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Banking and Exchanging Money

Where do I exchange money?

Tamarindo has 3 banks that exchange currencies.

BAC San Jose usually has the shortest wait.

Banco National and BCR are the national banks and usually have a line up.

You will need to bring your actual passport (no copies) for all transactions.

What is the best currency to bring down?

Most of Tamarindo businesses accept US Dollars but will usually charge an exchange rate and give change in the local currency of Colones.

Are there bank machines?

BAC (Banco de San Jose) has the ATM's that seem to accept the most types of credit, debit and bank cards. Cash can be withdrawn in US Dollars or Costa Rican Colones and their machines can function in English.

The cash machines at Banco National and BCR do not accept all cards and work only in Spanish.

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