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Tips and suggestions for visitors to Tamarindo Beach.

Before leaving home make a photocopy of your passport's front page and carry it with you in case you need it. You can also take a photo of it and keep it on your device.

If you plan on using your credit card, notify your bank that you will be in Costa Rica to avoid your card being frozen.

Upon arrival in Costa Rica, we suggest that you pay your exit taxes before leaving the airport as there’s usually not a line up. This will save you time and the lineup for your departure. Late arrivals are unable to do this but you can still pay them at any Bank of Costa Rica prior to your departure (with your passport, no copies). Keep the slip they give you.

The taxes are slowly being included in airflight charges. Check to see if you've already paid with your ticket.

Use the safety deposit box in your room for your valuables including your passport.

Keep an eye on your belongings whenever you are in a public area.

Keep car windows closed and doors locked when traveling and when parking. Do not leave anything in your car.

Avoid giving money to people on the street.

When using taxi services verify that they comply with the legal established requirements such as the yellow triangle printed on the door and a meter. All others are illegal and probably not insured. Should the driver be stopped, you will be left abandoned on the side of the road.

Exchange money at banks for a better exchange rate than stores and restaurants. You will need your passport (no copies) to do any transaction.

Use ATMs only in public, well-lit areas. Count your money and put it away prior to leaving the ATM.

Bring some Ziplock bags for wet things, cameras etc. while at the beach or on excursions to keep them dry and sand free.

Costa Rica protects its children and adolescents. Sexual exploitation of minors is a criminal act.

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