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Eat In or Dine Out?

Is tipping required in restaurants and bars?

Most establishments will charge a 10% Service Tax that's automatically added to your bill.

That 10% is shared by all the employees as part of their wages.

Additional tips are always appreciated.

See our restaurant directory for restaurant listings in the Tamarindo Beach area.

Are there places to buy groceries near by?

Yes. There are several grocery stores in the Tamarindo area.

The large Auto Mercado is a kilometer out of town and provides the largest selection of items but tends to be the most expensive.

In Tamarindo, Super Compro is a popular chain and provides a good selection of items. They have discounts on selected items on weekends.

Super 2001 is another grocery store and has convenient pre-made snacks as well as fresh breads.

There is a weekly farmer's market in the parking lot the Tamarindo Resort on Saturday mornings.

Additionally there a few smaller convenience stores in Tamarindo.

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