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How's the Surf and Weather?

When to Visit Tamarindo and what to bring.

What is the weather like?

The temperature in Tamarindo doesn't change much throughout the year. It's always warm.

Warm and breezy.

Sunny mornings with occasional rain in the afternoon.

July - August
Usually sunny and warm with some occasional rain in the afternoons.

Sept - October
Frequent rain.

Nov - December
Sunny mornings with less and less chance of rain.

Will I need a jacket and pants?

In Tamarindo you won't need long pants or a jacket but you may want to bring them along for some activities or visiting to other parts of the country where the temperatures are cooler.

When is the best surf?

The winds play large roll in the surf conditions.

The preferable off-shore winds usually blow all day from December to April and July to August.

During mid May through June and September through early November the winds are clam or off shore most mornings and will switch on-shore during the day.

Evenings can bring glassy conditions.

The winds however will often switch off-shore when rain approches and make clean ideal surf.

Most surf breaks in the Tamarindo work best during the high tide.

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