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Is it safe to go out at night?

Tamarindo now has a large police presence in town and is a much safer place than it used to be.

It is recommended that you carry a copy of your passport, including the page with your stamp of entry into Costa Rica in case you are required to show documentation to authorities.

It is generally safe at night though the beach should be avoided late night especially if you are not in a group.

Is there much crime in Tamarindo?

There is crime here in Tamarindo, just like any other place though it is mostly just petty thievery. Violent crimes are rare in Tamarindo.

Don't leave anything in your car and watch your belongings; especially on the beach and restaurants.

Pickpocketing can occur at crowded bars and night clubs.

Report stolen credit cards immediately, they can be used very quickly.

You can peport a crime incidents at the Tamarindo Police Station.

Is the water safe to drink?

The water is safe to drink in most of Costa Rica, including Tamarindo.

Where is the nearest medical clinic or hospital?

There is a medical clinic in Tamarindo.

There are also dentists and pharmacies.

Ambulance service is available for serious emergencies.

The nearest hospitals are in Nicoya and Liberia. Both are about 1½ hours away; Nicoya to the south and Libera to the north.

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