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Can I Stay Connected?

Telephone and Internet Services in Tamarindo Beach.

Are there internet cafes in town?

There are plenty of internet cafes in Tamarindo providing email and web access.

Many establishments provide free WiFi for clients and guests.

How do I make an international call home?

Long distance phone calls out of Costa Rica can be made from public or private phones using an International phone card that can be purchased in local stores.

The following international phone companies also offer long distance calling services.




Canada Direct

Many internet cafes also provide long distance international phone calls.

Will my cell phone work in Costa Rica?

Many foreign cell phones with roaming will work on the cellular network without having to do anything except turning your cell phone off then on again after arriving in Costa Rica.

You should check with your home service provider before leaving and inquire about possible restrictions or costs.

If your cell phone is unlockd you can purchse pay as you go GSM chips.

How do I dial out?

The area code for Tamarindo and all of Costa Rica is 506.

Within Costa Rica you only need to dial the 8 digit phone number.

To call out of Costa Rica dial 011 before the area code then the number.

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